Want To Get Amazing Auto Shop Experience

Almost everyone has had a fear of the “auto shop.” While they initially went to have their cars fixed, they ended up with regrets, headaches, bruised egos and worse – a poor running vehicle!

Incidentally, people own more cars than ever before in history, so you would expect auto shops to guarantee exemplary five-star services. Sadly, most of them don’t.

Whether it’s poorly trained staff or a general disregard for vehicle owners’ emotional investment in their cars, poor customer service is the hallmark of most auto shops, especially for female vehicle owners.

 Want To Get Amazing Auto Shop Experience

Flexibility for the Vehicle Owner

Any strategic car repair shop will invest in not making their clients worry about collection. Most people would postpone the auto appointment due to time constraints, and with good reason.

Unless your vehicle broke down in transit, rarely will the ever-busy owner find the time to while away in an auto shop waiting for the car to be fixed.

Thankfully, most auto shops are adapting and offering towing services where they tow your vehicle to the repair shop and back.

Some like Instamek mechanics will come fully equipped to your location and fix your car on site! No transit times, no waiting or return trips to collect your car!

Considering that some shops will charge extra if you don’t collect your vehicle on time, this new on-site service is a dream come true for most vehicle owners today.

Convenient Quotation Systems

Another gripe people have with most service providers are poorly estimated quotations. While a car may have other underlying issues, this doesn’t mean that your mechanic will quote on the higher side just to be safe.

Thankfully, most auto shops today have digital platforms where clients can communicate with dedicated representatives who will give detailed information on what to expect, and how much you may pay.

If the costs run too high, they may offer flexible payment plans depending on their services. This will save you the time you’d have spent on the phone holding, or physically making your way to the auto shop.

While still on customer service, nowadays you will get the most patient and respectful customer service representatives, unlike in the past where facing a new mechanic literally required a false sense of courage – no smirks or shady comments.

Do They Offer A Warranty?

Does your mechanic offer a warranty whenever they fix something or replace a part?

They should! With all the counterfeits circulating the market, the last thing you need is an accident because of a faulty system in your vehicle.

Shops like Instamek Mechanics will offer a 12 month or 20,000km warranty. This will save you the headache of having to know the nitty-gritty of car engineering.

You are only required to be a good vehicle owner, and your mechanic should worry on your behalf.

 3 Essential Factors When Getting an Auto Shop Services

Who Do You Choose?

With the above-listed issues (which you resonate with), how do you find yourself an auto shop that more than just fixes cars?

Spare yourself some time and heartache and visit Instamek Mechanics. With dedicated online customer care services, on-site servicing, and such generous 12-month warranties, you will not only save yourself unnecessary anxiety, but also prolong your vehicle’s working life through professional vehicle maintenance services.

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