Online Success: How to Build Your Professional Network Online

With the advancements in IT and the internet, your smartphone is practically your window to the world.

The web is virtually limitless that it offers infinite possibilities for you and the life you actually lead. It can help you with research. It can be your source of current events news because you arrive home too late to watch the night edition news. And most popularly, the web is where the numerous social media platforms are and thrive.

They have been initially created for the purpose of easy connection with family and friends. But now, professional and commercial industries are tapping on the power of social media to their advantage. They market and advertise their products or services online. They derive sales online. They announce press releases online. They do meetings, trainings and even interviews online. They build their networks online too.

And you, as an individual professional, has the same abilities to be able to create a huge professional network online.


Social media networking

How to Start Networking

Let us start with yourself.

Be Smart

Read. Books, fiction and nonfiction alike, and the papers. Be informed. Do hobbies and allot time for each regularly. Keep healthy habits.

It pays to tap into your intelligence and smarts, which brings us to the actual, feasible steps on how to build your professional network online, and everywhere else at that.

Bring out the great communicator in you.

Being in the know of the more important things in the world can make for a great conversationalist. After all, brilliant people talk ideas.

With everything that occupies you, you have built a good lifestyle for yourself and continues to do so. This is one key to being confident in striking up a healthy conversation with practically anyone. You have ideas to talk about, experiences and book titles to share, social issues to debate over, and witty jokes to laugh about.

Hit it off by being sincere, interested, trustful and respectful. Remember that it is a conversation. Be attentive. Listen.

Build your online networkBe Present

If you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you do not live under a rock so you probably are on one social media platform, or two. If you already are, double your presence. If not, it is time for you to exist in the cyber world and sign up on social media networks.

As you establish your presence online, keep an open mind and never judge.

Take initiative. Reach out. Do not hesitate to approach first. Yet stay mindful and sensitive.

Keep in touch and do not just say it to close an IM conversation. Actually do stay in touch. Keeping in touch these days proves to be unlikely that it is almost a talent for some who actual do. You may shoot a polite greeting from time to time. Or if you have questions about a potential new job that you are eyeing and you want another person’s opinion about it, then take the chance to start a conversation with a new friend who may have ideas about the profession.

Remember people’s names and call them by their names. It is a way of saying that you do care.

 Carve Yourself a Niche

Find your niche in the online professional world by looking beyond the confines of your space.

Do not ignore a potential contact just because you differ in interests and he is in another business industry. Everything is connected. It is nature. So, you never know when an engineer may need a literature major. Oh, that is because the engineer also happens to be a hobbyist writer considering to release a book on poetry. So do not be overly selective in whom you connect with online. That is the whole point of calling it networking. You may not have met the right and willing investor for your new business venture but there has to be a way to “know people who know people.”

Live an actual life, and build connections and relationships in the physical world just as much.

Do not turn down invitations to social events as much as your schedule permits. Go to charity events too. Visit museums and public libraries. If you are into business, join bazaars.

There, you meet people, and a whole bunch of them – different cultures and backgrounds, different interests, different fields of expertise. Get to know them. Exchange calling cards. That is when the skill of keeping in touch comes in handy. Then you may invite them on Facebook and LinkedIn, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter – but ask them straight-out for their online accounts, no searching behind their backs. You want to network, not stalk.

Final thought

Finally, if you belong to a company which is looking to expand its network, you can check out Roosterly. It houses the experts at professional online network building.

How to Make Money Online

Do you want to make money online? Whether you want part-time or full-time work, or you want to create your own business, you can make money online.

With the advancement of technology, many people and businesses are taking advantage of the online presence. So why don’t you also take advantage of the internet and make money online? The 100k factory training – gives you many opportunities to making money online.

There are many options for making money online, and here are the things you can do to start:

How to make money online

1. Go to Websites That Pay You

These are sites that can give you some extra cash by taking online surveys, shopping, or by testing some products. You are not and endorser that promotes products, they’ll just let you test them. They don’t make you become a millionaire, too. However, if you just want some additional cash while surfing the internet, then why not try registering to any of these paying websites?

2. Go Freelance Writing

If you love writing and you know you have a skill on it, then why not make money online by doing something that you love? Many are now making money in freelance writing. In fact, it is now one of the most popular ways to earn money online. It really does give you decent pay. But at first, expect to not be paid that high yet.

It always starts that way. But as you gain more experience and start building a credible portfolio, you can earn as much as a dollar per word. Some can even earn more of that. It takes time and commitment to building a high reputation, but it’s something that you love, then give it a try.

3. Sell Online

Selling is everywhere! And we all know that the inline selling market has grown and is still growing bigger and bigger through time. Since many are already using the internet and more are starting to buy online, then why don’t you catch up with the market? You can hold a garage sale online, or build your own online store. Be sure to take good quality shots of the products that you’re selling for customers to really want them.

Blogging to make money online

4. Be a Blogger

If you love blogging, then step up from your just a hobby blogging and get paid for what you already are doing. Same with writing, you also have to start small. Persistence and commitment are a significant factor in pursuing this endeavor, but surely, it’s worth all the time and effort. In time, you will start to earn in your blog through sponsors and advertisements.

Companies will let you try their product and give a review about it on your blog, and you will get paid for it. Some, too, especially in fashion blogging, give you products to use such as shoes, clothes, and bags, and post a blog with you using these items. You will get them for free plus they also pay you for it.

5. Work at Home

There are a vast number of companies now that hire people to work and report not directly to their offices, but from home working online. Whether it is writing, editing videos and photos, programming, making graphics, a tutor, or even an assistant. Whatever skills you have, find a job that fits it and look for the right company. Be hired and earn money without having to rush to the office.

Wrap Up:

Take advantage of the internet and the online world. Instead of just communication, research and entertainment, make it an asset by earning money from it.

Jobs Almost Anyone Can Do to Make Money Working from Home

Wanting to make money working from home?

There are a vast number of opportunities the internet world can give to people, and that includes making money working from home.

This is helpful especially to moms who prefer to be at home to take care of the children and the household. Make money online with these jobs that can fit almost anyone who has basic knowledge and skills in computer.

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is a high paying job online which can be done by anyone as long as you have basic knowledge and skills in computer. When you are a virtual assistant, you will be managing and responding e-mails, schedule meetings, book flights, schedule blog posts, manage social media pages and websites, and other administrative assistance that is needed by the employer.

2. Graphic Designer

The multimedia and design industry is rising. Branding is needed for marketing and promotions. Companies and businessmen are looking for graphic designers to design logos, re-design or make a new website, and other design related works. You can also choose to be a freelancer and do graphic design services to anyone for a fee. Build your design portfolio and market yourself online, and start making money from home.

3. Transcriber

If you can type fast, then make money from it by applying as a transcriber. As a transcriber, you will be writing down, or perhaps typing out audio conversations, episodes, dialogues, interviews, and any other recordings with an audio that has dialogues. You will turn audio into written phrases so people can read and understand audio recordings more clearly.

4. Freelance writer

Freelance writing is one of the most popular jobs to making money from home. The task of freelance writing involves many categories such as being a ghost writer, authoring a book, SEO writer, blogging, journal articles, content marketing, and a whole lot more. There are so many opportunities for freelance writers, so if you love writing and you have the writing skills, make money from it online. You can even take survey online and get paid to do it!

5. Public Relations Specialist

If you have the skills in communication, journalism, and public relations you can be a public relations specialist. Maybe you have an eye for the news, marketing, and social media. Then apply as a public relations specialist online. This kind of work includes managing and finding ways to improve social media pages and also creating/pitching press releases. Even planning and creating campaigns and other activities that help promote a business, and more. This job is more suitable who have experience in media and communication, and this can become a fulfilling venture especially to those who want to develop their creativity.

6. SEO Specialist

The demand for SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has been increasing drastically. Since many companies and businessmen have to compete with their audience reach and visibility. Every business, especially those operating online has to have an SEO to compete with the market, and there are thousands of businesses that operate online, so as an SEO specialist, you will never run out of demands.

7. Travel Agent

Plan somebody else’s travel adventures and earn money from it. Travel agents take care of the travel itinerary of a person. From booking the best flights to looking for accommodations, and arranging the itinerary. They will even help you secure travel insurance, and other matters that need to be considered for secure travel. Many people are traveling now so help them with the travel plans and be their travel agent.


There are so many ways to making money online which anybody can do given that one has skills in computer. Just remember to watch out for scammersSpecialize in the skills that you have to earn money even if you’re just at home.

Get Extra Income by Taking Online Surveys for Cash

Do you want to earn extra cash online without having to spend so much time in it?

One of the growing online opportunities to get some extra cash are the online surveys. Online surveys ask you to give opinions in different fields such as fashion, gadgets, food, cars, banking, and a wide range of topics. You are only to give your opinions on the surveys they provide, and you get paid for every survey you take. By taking online surveys for cash, you get easy money! Don’t worry about about getting an answer wrong because again, you are only giving your opinions.

Things to Consider Before Entering Online Surveys

Before taking any online surveys for cash, make sure you will follow the below points:

1. Make Sure You Are Entering the Legitimate Online Survey Sites

Even in online surveys, there are still many scams, and you might have been taking a number of reviews already. However, in the end, you have not gained anything, and you have not been paid. That is why making sure that you are registered to legit online surveys to ensure that your efforts aren’t for nothing. Check on the website and their reviews to make sure of their authenticity. It is also better to check on those online surveys with more recommendations. May websites and blogs talk about a list dependable online survey which you can take. So it is highly encouraged that you choose those survey sites to give you an assurance that you will get paid for your opinions.

2. Register on More Online Surveys

Once you register on an online survey site, you are asked to give some of your information. This can include your age, location, income, and other relevant information. This is necessary for you to be qualified to take an available survey. This is for them to filter out those who are fit to take a certain survey and distribute it to them to produce more relevant opinions. That means that for every survey site, you are not given survey questions that much often. So you better register to not just one survey site for a higher chance of getting to answer surveys and get paid. Who knows, there will also be days when you’ll have to answer one survey in three online survey sites? Wouldn’t that give you some more extra cash?

Be Sure to Answer the Survey on Time

Most survey has an “expiration.” If you receive an e-mail for a survey invitation, make sure to give time to answer them within 12 hours, or it might close, and you’ll miss the chance of taking it for extra cash.

But don’t be too hooked on it, though, because online survey sites is not an avenue for generating primary income.

But it really helps when you want to get extra money. So stay at your full-time job or not. Yet, look for a stable income generating endeavors while you wait for an online survey to arrive. It’s best just to take them when you have spare time.


Get some extra income online on your spare time. Increase your productivity over the internet and take online surveys for cash.