How Healthy is Marijuana?

Marijuana also known as pot, weed, grass, cannabis is highly used illicit drug in the world.  The substance consists of mind ecstatic chemical known as THC. The use of marijuana has increased and has been increasing every year. It is mainly used by the youngsters but also growingly used by the adults too for relaxation and entertainment. Marijuana can be found in the form of edibles, brownies, candy, cookies or can just smoke.

Everyone argues about its advantages and disadvantages, how healthy is Marijuana for the humans and if it should be legalized. So how healthy is Marijuana?

The use of marijuana has increased and has been increasing every year

#1.  Helps with Parkinson’s Disease

Research has stated that people suffering from the Parkinson’s disease can benefit from smoking Marijuana. The effects like chronic pain and trembling can gradually get better. The research conducted by the American Cancer society stated that there was positive decrease in muscle shakes which proves how healthy is Marijuana.

#2: Weight Loss

The fact that Marijuana leads people to eat more as they get their munchies proves how healthy is marijuana. It stimulates the appetite and leads to high calorie intake. Various researches show that even though they eat a lot they still remain thin because it slows down the metabolism and improves the metabolism. Although they are consuming more than non smokers still they are getting the required diet and still don’t gain weight. Increase in weight leads to several diseases, hence if this doesn’t prove how healthy is Marijuana, nothing will.

#3: Cures Arthritis

People don’t really understand how healthy is Marijuana because they still think that it is just an illegal drug which is over used. But what they don’t acknowledge is that it helps the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and swelling. When given a cannabis pain reliever there will be a marked reduction in pain.

#4: Minimizes Alzheimer’s Growth

This is one of the important benefits of Marijuana because the chemical in this drug keeps the amyloid plaques generation. Hence, this protects and keeps your body away from Alzheimer. Citizens who disagree on legalizing this drug don’t understand how healthy is Marijuana and how useful it is.

#5: Prevents Cancer from Spreading

Marijuana consists of a chemical which reduces the growth of cancer cells. Many researches prove that marijuana stops the duplication of a gene called Id-1 which doubles in higher numbers.  Several studies conducted in different parts of the world show that Marijuana can actually lead to the end of cancer cells. This process how healthy is Marijuana and why people should believe in this drug.

#6: Pain Reliever

By ingestion is marijuana it works as a pain reliever. The research conducted on how healthy is marijuana and if it can decrease the pain, all the results turned out to be positive. The patients felt release of pain and found it to be more effective.

Marijuana can actually lead to the end of cancer cells

#7: Glaucoma Treatment

Millions of people suffer from glaucoma and smoking marijuana or using in any form can help immensely. It can improve your eye sight and intraocular pressure also seems to increases in many people. Marijuana smoking can help people from going blind.

If people need to take marijuana as a medication then they shouldn’t be stopped because the reasons above clearly makes you understand how healthy is marijuana. It doesn’t matter if it is a drug which people think as illicit and obstructive. You need to understand what is good for yourself. Visit the website for various information about CBD and Marijuana. Individuals who prefer to look at the negative and unhealthy side of the marijuana don’t perceive how healthy is marijuana for them.